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Your Privacy At Freedom Boudoir~ Historic Downtown Rogers, Arkansas Photographer

Intimate photography is just that: intimate. At Freedom Boudoir, we love to share our art! But, with the nature of what we do there are limitations. We recently received this message from a potential client:

“I really love your images and I want to have this experience, but I’m not sure how I feel about them being on Facebook.”

So, we want to educate everybody on how sharing of images works:

When a client has a Full Day of Sexy consultation we let her know sharing of any image is not required but is totally optional. We NEVER pressure our clients to share.

If she decides to share, she chooses which images and where they can be used. For example: she might be good with an image being on our website but prefers it not be on social media. That’s absolutely OK with us!

Any image we share in any way has specific permission to do so. We value your privacy and most of all desire to be consummately professional in every way. In addition, we shoot in our studio in The Historic Downtown Rogers, Arkansas area, not in a home or a hotel room. Our studio is secure and private. We are insured and we utilize contracts for every transaction.

So if you have been thinking of a session but were a little apprehensive, we hope this puts your mind at ease!

In the mean time, enjoy the beautiful Mrs. M! We hope to hear from you soon to schedule your consultation to start your own experience with Freedom Boudoir ! You are welcome to text Marsha at 479-841-5539.





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