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Why I Had A Boudoir Experience At The Age Of 69 At Freedom Boudoir~Northwest Arkansas’ Premier Boudoir Studio

Hello all!

The Freedom Dreamer (Marsha Lane Foster) here!

Recently I asked a few of my boudoir studio clients to share their stories with me. So many of them responded and I have so many great ones to share with you!

Deanna, the woman who tells her story with you below, has become one of my dearest friends, as is the case with many of my clients. I was friends with Larry, her fella, long before I met her. I view Larry as a Father figure and honestly, when I heard this “woman from out of state”  was moving here I was skeptical. I wanted my friend to be loved, but who WAS this person? What did she want with my friend? I’m so glad to say now that she is the best thing that could have ever happened to him. And, in the process I got a brand new, wonderful friend!

Please enjoy her image and read her story below.



Where do I begin? Do I tell you the full story or just the condensed version? I think for the sake of all readers I’ll just relate the condensed version… Boy and girl are high school sweethearts. Boy and girl marry, have a child and subsequently divorce after a few years of marriage. Fast forward over 45 years and boy and girl reunite and recommit to each other.

Girl (69 years old now so not so much a “girl”) wants to do something special for the love of her life. Boy (also 69 and not so much a “boy” any more) introduces girl to a friend of his who happens to be Marsha Lane Foster – photographer/artist/inspirationalist extraordinaire. Little does boy know he has just opened the door to Marsha’s magic studio that his girl will decide to walk through. Meet me, that girl, Deanna Mizer.

From the moment I stepped inside Marsha’s magical domain she did everything she could to make me feel comfortable as well as confident. Throughout our first meeting the little voice in my head (you know, Ms. Negativity) kept saying “What are you thinking? You’re 69 years old and out of shape with lumps and bumps everywhere. You can’t be serious about letting someone, let alone a friend, take intimate photos of you! You must be out of your mind!” All the while Marsha was encouraging, complimenting, and working to get me to realize I might be able to do this. And so my journey began to reconnect with the younger, sexier, more confident version of me. I committed to The Full Day of Sexy!

Again, Ms. Negativity asked what I could possibly be thinking?! To quiet her I decided to totally embrace this experience so I jumped in head first. I looked at lots of examples of boudoir photography. I shopped for “special lingerie “. You know the kind. Not my typical granny undies. Yes, I bought sexy, revealing, provocative lingerie like I hadn’t worn for many years. Go figure! Why did I quit wearing these beautiful things as I had gotten older? Not any more. I wear them every day and I can tell you my man appreciates it!

As the day of the shoot approached I could feel myself getting more and more nervous. Again, Ms. Negativity was paying me a visit and I had to ask her to leave because I could hear Marsha’s voice reminding me that I can do this.

OMG! The day has arrived! It’s the day I have committed to having photos taken of me wearing almost nothing. Just for reference, it was my idea and decision to do these revealing pictures. I could have chosen to have less revealing photos done, but I wanted to be taken out of my comfort zone for a change. Marsha was fantastic. She was a professional as well as a true friend. We went through what I had brought and selected my wardrobe based on the shots Marsha had already envisioned for me. I was “glammed up” with hair and makeup done by a professional makeup artist. By the way, every woman should wear false eyelashes. They really are sexy!

And then the shoot began. “Look over here…lean this way… think sexy thoughts about your man! RELAX and have FUN!”

Those were just some of Marsha’s directions as the shutter on her camera kept opening and closing each time she took another photo.

I started the day as nervous as I could be but by the time Marsha said “that’s a wrap” I was wanting more. More time to get just the right pose, the right expression on my face, and the right outfit for the picture. Little did I know Marsha had already captured all of these things for me.

OMG (again)! Reveal Day is here! I’m again nervous. I know Marsha did a fabulous job but I also know Ms. Negativity is trying to again take up residence in my head. “Shoo – get away – I’m more confident now that I’ve allowed myself to explore life outside of my comfort zone.”

That’s what I kept telling myself on my way to Marsha’s Studio.

Marsha and her camera had worked their magic. As my overly critical eyes viewed the images Marsha had created, I kept hearing myself say “yes – no – maybe –
definitely!” By the time we were done that day I had chosen 40 of my favorite images. Again Marsha worked her magic and combined these images with quotes I selected to convey special messages to the love of my life. By the way – his name is Larry Lewsader. Yes, he was totally surprised by what I had done. And yes, he now has a beautiful red leather book bound album full of
photos that help convey my love for him.

It’s amazing how a day spent in front of Marsha and her camera helped me to feel empowered, sexy, strong, resilient, and self confident. In fact confident enough to want to do another shoot in the future to capture how I have changed since recommitting myself to the love of my life!
Thank you Marsha for being a part of our lives!

Ms. D,

Freedom Boudoir Client



  1. Anonymous - November 9, 2019 10:51 am

    My beautiful and confident mom. A true all American love story. I so admire your confidence. The photos were amazing.

  2. David Bernstein - November 10, 2019 2:07 am

    What a wonderful story and written in such a emotionally revealing way. Congratulations and your husband is a truly lucky man.


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