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The Year Of The Husband At Freedom Boudoir~Northwest Arkansas’ Women’s Only Photography Studio

What an amazing year we had in 2017! We helped so many women find their confidence, their boldness and their self-appreciation!

That’s what we’ve always done, but 2017 had a different flair. We had a record number of husbands and significant others involved in the process of the Boudoir Experience. What exactly does that mean? It doesn’t mean my client’s partners were here in the studio during the shoot. It’s your day to let go and you would be self conscious if he were there. It does mean I had husbands who told me they had a wife they thought was beautiful, powerful and sexy and had no clue they were any of those things!

One client told me this: “My husband called me over to the computer one day. He had your website up. He said, ‘Do you see this? I want you to call this woman and book a session! You need to know how beautiful you are and you don’t believe me! Maybe she can show you’.”

This same husband came to the image reveal day. I have to tell you I was nervous. The boys are not usually here. What I saw unfold was beautiful. He was almost more excited than she was! She got to see herself how he saw her. They were drawn closer. They made decisions together about which products they wanted. In the end, they had so many images they could not part with they ordered two albums.

Another husband sent me a long message about how he’d seen his wife change in self confidence and joy after her experience. “I don’t know how you do what you do but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. After your shoot with my wife I’ve seen a change in her I never thought possible.”

All in all, I’m just so grateful. When I began shooting the “boudoir” genre my main focus was to empower women who had endured abuse. I still do that frequently. But now that desire manifests itself in my fine art. As a result, my boudoir studio has become a happier more joyful place. Nearly all women have endured some abuse. We talk about it if she feels compelled to, and I life coach my clients based on the level they need. By far however, my clients in the most recent past are in a great place in their life and they want to enhance that.

Please enjoy this white sheet image from Ms. L’s Full Day Of Sexy last summer. She gave me permission to share it because she wants to inspire all women to know they can do this. It’s not for a few. It’s a beautiful experience of self exploration we all need as women.

So much love…

Marsha~The Freedom Dreamer







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