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Our Philosophy On Retouching Your Images~Historic Downtown Rogers, Arkansas Women’s Photographer

Every client I serve gets a consultation and continued service before and even after their shoot day. Among many other experience related topics at this meeting in my studio we discuss the retouching of your images. My purpose for this is not only to make sure we are compatible in a client/artist relationship but to educate you on my philosophy on “boudoir” images. I want you to know and be familiar with my style so you will be ecstatic with your final product.

At a recent consultation I was explaining this to my client. I also told her a story of another client who mentioned she had never had real professional portraits of herself except for her wedding day nearly 40 years ago. This client agreed, saying she had some head shots made in the last few years, it being her only other professional imaging experience of herself only. She told me the photographer so heavily retouched her images and even changed the shape of her face so that she barely recognized herself. Her quote was, “Was I really so hideous that I needed all that?”. Her photography experience left her questioning her beauty and damaged her self esteem.

This is exactly what I don’t do.

I strive to help you look stunning on the day of your shoot by utilizing expert hairstyling/makeup, your pre-planned wardrobe which I have educated you on how to choose, expert posing and lighting. When I utilize these things, heavy retouching is not needed. My level of expertise really shines here.

What do we retouch? These decisions are primarily yours. I nearly always clear blemishes and smooth skin if needed in addition to whitening your teeth and eyes. However, other things like body or face shaping are just not needed in my workflow. Some women have scars or birthmarks. The removal and retouching of those are your choice. Many of my clients see scars as part of their journey. This is another reason why the consultation is so important…you need an opportunity to communicate these issues and make decisions about them.

My goal is to increase your self esteem. My goal is to reflect your inner and outer beauty to you. When you show your images to others I want you to be able to tell them, “This is how I looked and felt that day in Marsha’s studio…beautiful”

Because you are.

Peace, The Freedom Dreamer





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