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Outdoor Boudoir Photography~Bentonville & Rogers Arkansas Boudoir Photographer

For the longest time I couldn’t get my mind wrapped around “outdoor boudoir”. The very words used in a phrase didn’t make sense to me! If you don’t already know, “boudoir” means a woman’s private sitting room or salon, strongly implying inside a home or dwelling. Then, I began getting requests for it so I added the option to my menu.

Since then, and especially since meeting my gorgeous client Jennifer, it started to click with me more. Some women are so connected to themselves in nature that it’s really a must to capture them there. I began seeing trees, rocks and grass as my furniture and the natural surroundings as my client’s living room. I watched Jennifer come into her own, really open up and be natural in front of my lens. She absolutely rocked her studio shots also, but these became our favorites.

Thank you to my brave friend for allowing me to share these. I think they are really beautiful and I hope you do too!

Fall is the best time for outdoor intimate photos. And now is perfect to begin the process with your consultation. That will give you a couple of months to plan your wardrobe and decide on the perfect location. You’ll have your studio time first then we’ll head outside. A few days later you’ll come back to see me for your in person image reveal and to choose the products to best showcase your photos.

When you are ready to get started give me a call at 479-841-5539. Remember the experience at Freedom Boudoir is about 6-8 weeks so you will want to have your consultation about 2 months before you need your album in your possession.
























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