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Loving And Improving Ourselves~ Arkansas Boudoir Photographer

Hi everybody! Hope you are feeling #empowered #intimate and #liberated today! Today (as nearly every day) I was talking to a potential Freedom Boudoir Client on messenger. Many of my clients message me or text me when they want to enquire about the Full Day of Sexy experience instead of calling. My potential client mentioned she was very interested in learning more and possibly in proceeding but she was self conscious about some extra weight she had put on. This made me think of my beautiful client LaDonna Brooks.

You see LaDonna is an exceptional client of mine. She actually set a precedent during her preparation and experience of the Full Day of Sexy. She was so committed to doing it she paid out monthly for 8 months. It fit her budget and gave her time to prepare herself. I’m also committed to finding a way for as many women to have this life changing event as possible…so, we found a way to make it happen.

Sometimes we need to learn to love and accept ourselves just as we are. Maybe you are not at your ideal weight (not many of us are, right?) but you still have beauty inside and out. I love to show women their inner beauty by showing them their outer beauty. Other times we can use a goal as a catalyst for change like LaDonna did. Either way is perfectly acceptable. Please read LaDonna’s story below in her own words. It’s worth your time:

“Good morning! I want to share my journey to my boudoir experience with Marsha at Freedom Boudoir Photography. I have had boudoir photos done before, but not a boudoir experience. This was different, and to explain I need to tell you my story.

I have always been a stress eater. Before last year, the last time I probably worked out was before I met my husband four years ago. And even that didn’t include push-ups, sit-ups, or squats. What is a plank? Hey, I couldn’t have told you. But, on April 17th, 2014, while running an errand to our equipment area at work I noticed the scales. I knew that I had put on weight. Stress eater plus husband diagnosed with brain cancer equals weight gain. Right? I also knew that I only had two sets of scrubs that I could wear, and they were tight. So, I stepped on the scale. I moved the little weights along until I got my weight. 188 pounds. Ladies, I am only 5”1.5’. I shook my head and said, “Nope. There is no way. That has to change. I AM DONE!”

That is the day I changed my life. From that moment I didn’t drink another soda. I actually went back to the nurse’s station and dumped out my Coke. I started changing my eating habits before I went to bed. I started just cutting back and eating more vegetables. I started using the MyFitnessPal app on my phone. I logged every bite or sip that crossed my lips. I took responsibility for my actions. But, I didn’t know really what to do for workouts and how to exercise.

That is when I was invited to join about a million (literally) people on Facebook to do an abdominal challenge. I looked at the month long challenge and said out loud, “This is going to kill me! There is no way I can do this! I am 39 and don’t remember the last time I did this stuff!” But, what is it they say? What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. It is true! I did that challenge in June, and in July I added the thighs and arms challenge. I have done at least one challenge every month since then.

Well, in June of 2014, I contacted Marsha after we had met thru her selling some photography backgrounds on I told her I was interested in having some outdoor boudoir photos made and asked if she would do that. She said yes and explained her session. I wasn’t excited about the price but understood that good photography isn’t cheap. And, we discussed me making a payment plan as I wanted to reach my goal and make this my reward anyway. When we finally had my initial consult I fell in love with Marsha’s work and her mission. I knew I had the right person for what I wanted. Marsha is a visionary on a mission. A mission to change lives. Women’s lives. We shared our stories of our pasts and our growth as individuals. We “clicked”. Our bond as friends and women began.

Over the months she encouraged me in my weight loss journey. We met more than once to talk about the session and life in general. We talked often on FB. We had girls night together. I kept making my payments, and we kept making out plans. I grew smaller but stronger. I lost weight and put on muscle. I changed my lifestyle completely. I cut out most alcohol to the point I now barely have an ounce of wine a month. In January of this year I went to clean eating. I was determined to take off the last little bit of weight. I had started wearing a size 8 in the fall but hadn’t tried on anything smaller. In March, I decided I was going to try on a 6. I stopped at Old Navy one day and tried them. Same styles I had at home. They were way too loose. I walked out of the dressing room smiling and got a 4. WOW! When I started I was in a size 14-16 pants. Now, I weigh 130 pounds and wear a size 4. I am in the same size jeans I wore my senior year of high school back in 1994!

So, next week, on April 27th, I will spend my 40th birthday afternoon with Marsha at the studio looking at my images she took last Friday, April 17th, the one year anniversary of my life changing moment. Last Friday, we spent an entire day on ME. My husband keeps telling me to do something for me because I never do. I told him, “Honey, you may enjoy the end results, but this photo experience is all about ME.” I have never felt more beautiful, strong, and alive. Marsha helped me achieve that. She told me I was beautiful and amazing. She showed me as well. Our husbands tell us we are beautiful. It isn’t that they just say it to do it. I am sure they believe it. But, we need to feel it. WE need to believe it. A year ago, I would not have been confident enough to take off my pants at a public lake (yes, I did that last week! HA!). I thought my newly muscular legs were big and maybe ugly. Turns out they are HOT and SEXY. Who knew? Not this short girl! Marsha has helped me change my life and my feelings towards myself. I love me! I didn’t know I was supposed to. Not only are you supposed to, but you have to! Thanks, Marsha for being here with and for me. Thank you for showing how vibrant and alive I really have become. Thank you for reminding me of my strength. And my youth. And my love of life and me.”

When you are ready, I’ll be here for you. Call or text me at 479-841-5539. Message me on Facebook. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. We will make an appointment for your no obligation consultation and I’ll explain the 4-6 week process to you.

In the meantime please enjoy these images from LaDonna’s Full Day of Sexy:








  1. Jennifer Woodruff - May 14, 2015 5:17 pm

    Love this! Thank you for sharing this…that was my concern. My weight & not being completely comfortable in my own skin, so to speak. Glad I read this post.

    • LaDonna Brooks - January 13, 2016 9:22 am

      I’m glad you read this too!


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