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How A Woman Defines Herself~Arkansas Boudoir Photographer

So, how do you define yourself?

Wow. What a huge subject to tackle. Do you define yourself from a past event in your life or who you are now? Does that past event overwhelmingly influence who you are now? I’m just talking from my heart today. So take a few to hear my heartbeat.

I have people tell me often how I’m a “strong” person. After people get to know me I’ve heard stories about them being intimidated by me, by my confidence, or how I enter a room with it. I’m not trying to be a braggart today. I’m just exploring a subject, so go with me.

Here’s the truth. I feel “not good enough”.

No, not every second of every day. Just often enough to be a bother. I’m encouraging women on nearly a daily basis in some form to love themselves, accept themselves, have confidence in themselves. And the truth is…it’s the hardest thing for me. It’s just hard. Can you identify with me? Now, I’m not talking about not having respect for yourself, abusing your body or mind with substances or situations. I’m talking about a woman who has a measure of self confidence-enough to live a reasonable healthy lifestyle.

Many of you know my story. I’ve shared it liberally. The past is a tricky animal. It makes you who you are good and bad. It shapes your opinions, your actions, your reactions &  your thoughts. I know it’s OK to let it push you to betterment. It’s the negative aspect that trips us (me) up.

So back to the issue at hand. Do you feel “not good enough”? What things in your past keep you from moving forward? Do you define yourself by them?

For me education is huge. I believe in it. I love learning. I always have. But I don’t have one. At least not the kind that gives you letters after your name. What I do have is experiences. And I think that counts for something. Until I start comparing myself with others. Oh how toxic that is. It will kill your spirit in a hurry. Education is one of my “definers”. I’m working on my thought processes in dealing with it.

Our challenge is to take our experiences and turn them into a positive catalyst for action and change. Every time I complete a Boudoir session with a client, or more accurately the entire process, I learn at least one lesson that stands out to me. Each woman is different. Each one is in this process for a different personal reason. And I’ve found as these ladies overcome their fears I’m overcoming some of mine too.

It just came to me, how I define myself…

By you.

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  1. LaDonna Brooks - July 7, 2014 9:30 pm

    Thanks for sharing this. I can relate to this. It makes me think about what defines me. I will have to work on that answer.


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