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Freedom Boudoir & Empowerment

Afternoon everyone! Today I want to talk about empowerment. Ahhhh, such a meaningful word. Webster’s tells us it’s this: To promote the self-actualization or influence of. So, we know if we want to empower someone we have to assist in the realization of something (hopefully) positive.


Positivity is a must in my daily life. I force myself to dwell in “positive-ville” as much as I possibly can. I know if I straddle the fence or hop over it my ability to cope takes a nose dive. It’s a challenge for most of us I think. However, isn’t it much easier to be positive about someone else’s life? I can dispense wisdom, hopefulness and well meaning advice in a millisecond to you. But apply it to myself? That’s another story.

Lately I’ve noticed I have become very adept at seeing women’s beauty. I’m not referring to post-makeover looks in the studio. I’m always confident that’s a given. I have begun to notice all women’s beauty. While I’m walking down the street, checking out at the grocery store, getting coffee…I see women in a different way now. I can look into their eyes and see their soul. I see all those hurts and pains we cover up. I see the apprehensiveness that someone will notice our imperfections either physical or emotional. I see them because I have them too. But, with yours I can reconcile the imperfections with your perfection. Yes, your PERFECTION.

The trouble is we are all harder on ourselves than we are others. We hold ourselves up to a higher standard. I think it’s time this stopped. Don’t you? I think it’s time we love ourselves. Physically and emotionally. It’s the right thing to do.

I make a vow to you I’ll give myself a break today. I’ll love my perfection. I’ll appreciate the lovely things about myself and ignore the others. Will you join me? Let’s empower one another.


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