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Why I Had A Boudoir Experience At The Age Of 69 At Freedom Boudoir~Northwest Arkansas’ Premier Boudoir Studio

Hello all! The Freedom Dreamer (Marsha Lane Foster) here! Recently I asked a few of my boudoir studio clients to share their stories with me. So many of them responded and I have so many great ones to share with you! Deanna, the woman who tells her story with you[…]

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Classic White Sheet Limited Offer~Northwest Arkansas Boudoir Photographer

A Classic White Sheet Session is a classic and sexy way to have your Boudoir Experience. No lingerie needed! We get lots of inquiries about what we do at Freedom Boudoir. We talk to so many women, either in the community or online. And what we’re hearing is this: “What[…]

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A Mini Boudoir Session With No Wardrobe Planning But All The Fun!~Fayetteville, Arkansas Glamour Photographer

We’ve never offered a “sale” at Freedom Boudoir before. But, we have spoken with so many women who wanted a more simple Boudoir Experience. So, we came up with the Classic White Sheet Mini Session! It’s the same experience we offer with the “Full Day Of Sexy” except we use only a white[…]

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