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Behind The Scenes With A Bodyscapes Experience~Northwest Arkansas Boudoir Photographer

I’m so excited to announce a new session now offered in the studio!


Bodyscapes is an artistic style of photography style where close up photographs of the human form convey the impression of landscape. My style of Bodyscapes relies on precision lighting cast on bodies or body parts on a black background to accentuate curves, lines and even specific attributes of your body.

Since beginning Bodyscapes sessions, I’ve photographed women and men in this style. It’s just as liberating and empowering as my other boudoir experiences, and maybe even more so because of the freedom of being nude or nearly nude.

Before you panic, know you don’t have to be nude! For women, panties & bra make a great wardrobe choice, although the intention is to keep it simple and all about you!

Everybody loves behind the scenes! Here, I’m sharing with you a little glimpse of what a Bodyscapes Experience looks like when the shoot is taking place and the images that resulted from the poses you see my client in.

If you’d like to learn more about this style, feel free to contact me at 479-841-5539.

So much love to you!



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