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What Happens At A Boudoir Photo Session?~Northwest Arkansas Boudoir Photographer

In part 1 of my series of posts explaining the process of your “boudoir experience” at Freedom Boudoir I took you through the consultation and beginning of planning. The second of four touch points with me is your photoshoot day! This is a high energy day in which you will be at my studio for about 5 hours.

Before shoot day you have already spent quite a while planning your wardrobe. This is possibly the most challenging part of the entire process for many women. I’m there for you during this time by phone, text or even a visit. After your consultation I make a Pinterest board for you and I to collaborate on. We use it as inspiration for style, wardrobe, accessories, jewelry, makeup and overall feel. It’s only there for you if you choose to use it. I get you started with a few basic looks I’ve found work with most women and you take it from there. Of course I can’t promise to replicate anything there but it’s great to get your creative juices flowing. We are a team in the process! Your participation and input is key. I even have samples in the studio to help you see what other clients have done. You really only need 2-3 looks and one good fitting, matching brassiere/panty set.

When you arrive on the morning of I’ll greet you and get you in with all your things. My makeup artist will be set up and ready to begin your makeover. She will work with you to get the perfect look for your day including your gorgeous eyelashes.This downtime before your shoot is the perfect time to allow you to bond with your surroundings and relax. While you are getting pampered I’m assessing your wardrobe and talking to you about your visions for the shoot and your favorite items. Most women bring more than we can use and that’s totally ok! I just help prioritize the ones you really love during the time we’re together.

Once we begin shooting I will style and pose you. Posing is a priority to help you look your best. I work to highlight your favorite things about you! Your photo session is about 2-3 hours including breaks and wardrobe changes. We do a variety of looks in the time we have. You may even be a little sore the next day from posing but it’s totally worth it.

I’ll send you home tired but beautiful. It’s a great plan to have a night out after your boudoir experience so you can show off your makeover.

The next time you see me will be your purchasing appointment. Stay tuned for part 3 of the steps of the boudoir experience at Freedom Boudoir!

Thank you for allowing me to share the process at Freedom Boudoir with you! Here are all the direct links to the parts of the experience for your convenience. If you would like to schedule a consultation or if you simply have questions, please send me a message with the contact form on this website.

Part 1: The Consultation (and wardrobe planning)

Part 2: The Boudoir Photo Session

Part 3: The Purchasing Appointment 

Part 4: The Product/Album Delivery

Until then, love yourself. ~Marsha


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