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What Happens At A Purchasing Appointment?~Northwest Arkansas Glamour Photographer

In part 2 of my series of posts explaining the process of your “boudoir experience” at Freedom Boudoir, I took you through the wardrobe planning and shoot. The third of four separate face to face meetings with me is the “purchasing appointment”. This is a time we’ll make after your shoot to come back to the studio in my viewing area to see the photographs we made during your photo shoot.

This is an exciting and sometimes daunting experience! I remember feeling a bit heady during the viewing of my own intimate images. There can be lots of adrenaline involved. When you sit down I explain to you how it works. Here are a few points:

  1. Your images have been cropped and edited for exposure and color only (if they needed it).
  2. You will see a slideshow of 100-200 images which represent the best of the best from your day.
  3. My studio is a safe place. This is an emotional experience for some women. I encourage you to view with love. Supportive significant others, sisters or girlfriends are welcome. (This is the only time men are allowed to participate in the process. We really are a women’s only studio!)
  4. We will cull down to your favorites using my tried and true method. So don’t be overwhelmed! It seems like a lot to choose from but it’s easier than you think with my help.
  5. We will choose your products to showcase your images in the best way for you. Are you a digital person? Do you prefer an album in hand? Wall hanging? Portfolio box?
  6. I offer flexible payment plans for your investment. Or you are welcome to pay in full.

Often a woman’s confidence soars immediately after the shoot, the viewing and the delivery of album/products. My clients consistently comment about how beautiful they look in the viewing images and confirm they have not been “photoshopped”. The images you select will all go through a second process with me to soften skin and remove blemishes. I have a quite natural take on the process in that I believe your makeover, your wardrobe and the posing I assist you with during the shoot are how we get stunning shots…not digital manipulation.

I will then custom create and order your products! No two are alike. I have a huge variety of covers/colors and options. Because you are an original.

Stay tuned for the next post which will cover more about our product options and your delivery day!

Thank you for allowing me to share the process at Freedom Boudoir with you! Here are all the direct links to the parts of the experience for your convenience. If you would like to schedule a consultation or if you simply have questions, please send me a message with the contact form on this website.

Part 1: The Consultation (and wardrobe planning)

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Part 3: The Purchasing Appointment 

Part 4: The Product/Album Delivery


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