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How Do I Receive The Products I’ve Purchased?~Historic Downtown Rogers, Arkansas Boudoir Photographer

In part 3 of my series of posts explaining the process of your “boudoir experience” at Freedom Boudoir, I described to you what happens at your “purchasing appointment”.  This is a time we’ll make after your shoot to come back to the studio in my viewing area to see the photographs we made during your photo shoot.

Today we’re discussing the final meeting with me which is when you come to get your products. This is my favorite day! I love seeing the expressions of my clients as they page through their albums. There is a different feel to seeing images in print as opposed to digitally. Even if you purchase high resolution digital images they come in a custom keepsake case, so you are still seeing your images printed.

Again, I witness your confidence soaring. But this time you’re more sure of it. It’s a quiet realization that you are, in fact, quite beautiful. This is so rewarding for me. I feel so grateful each time I deliver products and albums.

Your products have been custom designed and ordered especially for you. We offer 4 families of products to showcase your intimate images:

  1. High Resolution Digital Files In A Custom Case
  2. Albums
  3. Portfolio Books
  4. Wall Hangings

Your digital images come in a keepsake case. It’s perfect for a bookshelf or a drawer. You also receive permission to print, so you can print them as your wish. I highly recommend Bedford Camera & Video in Fayetteville and Rogers to print. They are the highest quality print available to you as a consumer.


High Resolution Digitals Case


You choose your favorite images for the cover.


Your images come on a USB for your convenience.

Next up is our album selections. Albums come in 3 levels. The Luxury Album. The Classic Album and The Little Black Book. Both the Luxury and Classic are 8×8 and come in three sizes depending on the number of images you choose to showcase. You have a large variety of covers to choose from in both leather & fabric options.

The luxury album is customizable with text. My clients have incorporated poems, love letters to themselves and dedications into the thick, rigid pages. It’s the finest selection among our album offerings.


The Luxury Album features a fabric bag with customizable color & closure options.


You choose your cover to coordinate with your Boutique Bag outer and inner fabric.


The Luxury Album is the very highest quality such as a wedding album. The pages are rigid and book bound.


The no gutter feature between your pages make your centerfolds continuous and stunning.


Your cover options are extensive for both the Luxury & Classic Albums.


The Boutique Bag puts your Luxury Album over the top! Here are your fabric options.

The Classic Album is up next! Take a look at it’s features.


The Classic Album comes in a gift box. Your cover is customizable.


Sophisticated custom layouts are in both the Luxury & Classic Albums.


Thick but not rigid pages are expertly bound by our lab.

The Little Black Book is a memento album. It’s 5×7 size makes it perfect for an extra album to give as a gift or if you choose to showcase fewer images.


The Little Black book comes in black leather.


One image per page keeps it clean and simple.


Even though it’s our baby album, the quality is still there. It also comes gift boxed.

After you have made an initial purchase to feature your favorite photographs from your boudoir experience you may purchase a Mini-Album. Or if you purchase pre-paid product credit at the level of $1750 for $2625 credit at your consultation you get them as a gift!


Accordion Mini-Albums come in sets of three and feature 11 images.

Portfolio Books are a unique way to display your images. We have 2 sizes: 11×14 or 8×10. You can choose to have your images matted or enjoy them full size. It comes with an easel for display, or you can frame the ready made mattes. Ten mattes are included. You may purchase more mattes in increments of 5.


Your Portfolio Box looks like an album but has loose matted images inside.


You may add mattes in increments of 5.


These are your Custom Portfolio Book cover options.

Wall hangings are the final choice you have. We offer mounted wall portraits suitable for framing in many different sizes up to 30×40. However, the Thin Wrap is our most popular wall hanging. In sizes ranging from 11×14 to 20×30, it comes ready to hang with hardware attached. The smaller thin wraps look great on an easel wall mounted. They seemingly “float” on the wall making a striking statement.


Smaller thin wraps look great on an easel or the wall.


Smaller thin wraps look great on an easel or the wall.


Thin wraps come ready to hang. The “float” on the wall for a unique presentation.


Thank you for allowing me to share the process at Freedom Boudoir with you! Here are all the direct links to the parts of the experience for your convenience. If you would like to schedule a consultation or if you simply have questions, please send me a message with the contact form on this website.

Part 1: The Consultation (and wardrobe planning)

Part 2: The Boudoir Photo Session

Part 3: The Purchasing Appointment 

Part 4: The Product/Album Delivery

As always, I am available for coffee, questions and consultations. Just call or text me at 479-841-5539.

Keep dreaming my dears…


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