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What Happens At A Consultation? ~Northwest Arkansas Boudoir Photogapher

A while back I blogged about “personal development”. Not too long ago I had no idea what that even meant! However, since I’ve grasped it my life has improved and I’ve grown so much! What I do  with you during your “boudoir experience”  from the first time you contact me until you pick up your products with most definitely qualifies as that.

One of Freedom Boudoir’s clients had this to say:

“I cannot say enough about my experience in a word. But, I can sum it up in this: It was an experience that helped me learn so much about me, that helped me see myself as the strong, confident and free woman that I am.”

I promised back then to explain the parts or stages of this journey. These are actual touch points when you will see me in person. A few more necessary things happen in between and I’ll talk about them as I go. Each one of them is a growth step for you and will push you out of your comfort zone.

Here they are in order. I’m going to do one post on each.

  1. The consultation
  2. The photo shoot day
  3. The viewing and purchasing appointment
  4. The delivery of your album

So, without further ado… THE CONSULTATION!

Occasionally I get a call or email early in the week with this question, “Can you photograph me on Friday?” The short answer is… “Ummm…no.” Let me tell you why:

The initial consultation is a huge step for most women. There a several obstacles in getting to this point. And, coming to the studio to talk about it is sometimes unnerving. At this point you’ve been watching me on social media, talking about it with a girlfriend or thinking about having photographs made for quite a while. For some women this means a year. For some weeks. You’ve reached out to me in an email, phone call or text. You’ve decided this is within your reach. So now you’re making time and effort to come talk to me. You may be nervous.

This meeting with me is necessary for several reasons. First, would you like to show up and get into your skivvies with someone you’ve never met? Of course not. You need to meet me. You need to see that I’m just a woman who has the same struggles you do. Second, this time allows you to bond with the surroundings your session will take place in.

During the roughly hour and a half you are here (I also do consults on Skype for those who travel) I will explain my philosophy about boudoir imaging. I’m not a heavy handed image manipulator. I make you look great the day of with your professional makeover, wardrobe and above all expert posing. I’ll tell you my story about how I found my path to empower women. Most importantly, I want to hear your story. I want to know what attracted you to this experience. I want to know what you hope to gain from it…who you are striving to be. I describe how everything works, we sign your paperwork and then we get down to planning.

I will get a feel for your style and get you started planning by educating you on wardrobe and talking about your vision for your images. The wardrobe planning stage begins here. Between this meeting and your shoot I am there for you all the way while you prepare for your day. Sometimes this stage takes 2 weeks. Sometimes months if a client is paying out.

If you have questions, please post them here! You can also text or call me at 479-841-5539. If you are ready for your consultation just pop over to my contact form and send me an inquiry.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Thank you for allowing me to share the process at Freedom Boudoir with you! Here are all the direct links to the parts of the experience for your convenience. If you would like to schedule a consultation or if you simply have questions, please send me a message with the contact form on this website.


Part 1: The Consultation (and wardrobe planning)


Part 2: The Boudoir Photo Session


Part 3: The Purchasing Appointment 


Part 4: The Product/Album Delivery

Peace. Marsha

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