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Professionalism~Arkansas Intimate/Boudoir/Glamour Photographer

Why is professionalism important in any industry, job or any leadership role?

Webster’s defines professionalism as this: The skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well.

Today I’d like to talk about what sets us at Freedom Boudoir apart from the multitudes of people who make images these days. What makes us different?

We have a studio.

We shoot in a studio in Historic Downtown Rogers, Arkansas. Actually, we have two. One is a traditional bedroom and another is a living type area. Why is this important? We’ve heard all kinds of stories about women arranging to have intimate images only to arrive to a home or a hotel room. Aside from this being a personal safety issue, this is an uncomfortable situation for many women. You are always welcome to bring a female friend to your shoot.

We are insured.

We have been from the beginning.

We use contracts.

Everything we do is in writing. We want you to know what to expect, what your role is in the experience and what ours is too. This is especially important in the area of your privacy. You can read how we handle client privacy here.

We are specialized.

We do Boudoir/Intimate/Glamour/Fashion type photography. Other than professional/model head shots and our art photography brand , this is all we do. We live, eat, breathe and drink intimate photography for women. The overall goal is to empower women. Everything we do falls under that umbrella including community service, speaking engagements and one on one mentoring.

We are established.

We’ve been in business for five years, specializing over half of that in Boudoir Imaging. We are not practicing on you.

We have all the goods.

We have everything we need to do a professional job: Pro cameras, lights, and a whole lot more than you even care to know about…. and we know how to use them.

We are experts at what we do.

Before we went public with our specialty, we spent a year studying intimate/women’s posing, the business model and all aspects of intimate photography. At this time we had already been in business for a good while having shot nearly every type of image you can imagine. Knowledge is power but only if you put it in use. We know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, intimate photography is what we are supposed to be doing.

We are a Women’s Only Photography Studio.

We are a girls club here! No boys allowed. Even our assistant is a chick.

It’s a personal development experience.

The Full Day of Sexy is more than a photo shoot. It’s a 4-6 week experience including a pre-session consultation, education and assistance in planning your wardrobe, your 5-6 hour day of makeover and shoot and your in person appointment to review your images  and purchase your album. We hold your hand every step of the way. (Watch for another blog post later this week detailing the experience.)

We have countless happy clients.

If you’d like to speak to a woman who has completed her experience we have several former clients who’d be happy to give you their viewpoint and tell you how the process benefitted them.

We are here to serve.

We have flexible times and days available for your pre-session consultation. This is where it all starts. We believe any woman who truly desires this experience should have it. That’s why we offer all sorts of ways to pay for your experience. Just ask and we will tailor something just for you. Of course payment in full is always appreciated also.

We can’t wait to hear from you! You can call or text us at 479-841-5539 to schedule or just ask questions.

Have a beautiful day! And please enjoy these shots of my stunning friend Tina.









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