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Our Big Announcement!~The Finest In Boudoir Photography

I iterated to it last week.. and the day is here to finally announce that the Freedom Boudoir family has grown! We are so excited to share with you the new addition to the Freedom Boudoir by Freedom Dreamer Photography team, LaDonna Brooks!

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LaDonna, as you probably know, really took to the Full Day of Sexy experience like a duck to water. She planned for it, changed her life for it and waited for it for eight months! To read her full story click here. She has been a champion for other women since she began her experience with Freedom Boudoir. When she was not caring for her family or nursing she used her time (without me asking her to!) to explain to potential clients how a boudoir experience could change their lives for the better. She actively referred clients to me with such passion I was humbled and so grateful.

So, you can see how her working for Freedom Boudoir was a perfect fit! Her title is “Client Experience Consultant”. What does this mean? Frequently potential clients are interested in a session but are timid about asking questions. They need to get the viewpoint of someone who has been in their shoes. This is where LaDonna comes in. She knows what it’s like to feel apprehensive. She knows every emotion you will cycle through in this journey. She is approachable, caring and honest. She can help you decide if this process is for you and help you get every bit of benefit from it. She’s THERE for you! Of course so am I (Marsha), but LaDonna has been in your shoes. That is invaluable for you. From questions to wardrobe planning, to even assisting in your session, this amazing woman is in your corner the entire time you are a Freedom Boudoir client.

So please feel free to congratulate LaDonna on her new position!  You can shoot her an email or PM and let her know how amazing she is! (I hear she even has some gift certificates for the asking!)

The current team, Ashley and Marsha, would like to welcome her on board! We are so excited to see what our future holds!

Thank You LaDonna for your beautiful spirit and honest, caring personality.



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  1. kellye james - June 30, 2015 10:15 pm

    Woo – hoo! Way to grow!


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