Black & White


Elegant, Mysterious, and Seductive: The Powerful Simplicity of Black and White Boudoir Photography When planning your boudoir photo shoot here in Northwest Arkansas, be sure to consider the powerful yet elegant simplicity that black and white photography can lend to your images. If you are interested in evoking an air[...]

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Soft & Feminine

feminine sofa

Soft & Feminine Boudoir Photos: Let us design a Boudoir Photo Shoot that is perfect for YOU Do you remember ‘glamour shots’ from the 1980s? Big hair, cheesy backdrops, and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ style? Freedom Boudoir takes a completely different approach to boudoir photography: we get to know you on a[...]

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Sporty & Flirty


Sporty & Flirty Boudoir Portfolio We hear many inspiring reasons why women schedule a boudoir photography session with Freedom Boudoir – your stories are what make our work so rewarding! We would love to hear from you and talk about your struggles, your hopes, and even your fears. We can[...]

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