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Diane’s Day~Northwest Arkansas Boudoir Studio

Hi all! Today I have something a bit different in store for you! My recent client, Diane, wrote a very candid and real testimonial about her experience with the Freedom Boudoir team. You are going to get an opportunity to read it and chuckle in a moment…and believe me, you will. Diane has a wicked sense of humor! But first a bit about my experience helping her through the Full Day of Sexy:

When Diane first contacted me I had a little difficulty understanding what she wanted. This was because what she wanted was neither fully contained in my Professional and Executive Head Shot Program or the “Full Day of Sexy” experience. She was a special client. She wanted head shots but also wanted to have her wardrobe styled and have professional makeup & hairstyling. So I decided to combine the two and deliver to her exactly what she needed. I decided there was no reason why we couldn’t get some head shots she could use professionally within the parameters of her intimate imaging and personal development day. She also explained to me she was planning on making educational videos for her highly specialized business and wanted to use the shoot to “interview” a makeup artist.

On shoot day Diane arrived very nervous and fidgety. Ashley and I spent quite a bit of time “talking her off the ledge”. This was all new to her. She was nervous that she wouldn’t look natural in her makeup. She had had a horrible time gathering her wardrobe with delayed shipments of ordered items, general second guessing of herself and the time constraints of her demanding entrepreneurial business. She was not used to “dressing up” or even wearing any makeup at all on a daily basis.

While Diane was in Ashley’s capable hands I assessed her wardrobe. We had already discussed the kinds of images she wanted to have in the end so I set out to deliver. Some of her items didn’t necessarily “go” together but I paired them in new ways. Diane also pushed me way out of my comfort zone by bringing a Wonder Woman costume! You know how I always preach about growth happening outside your comfort zone? I had to put my money where my mouth was. I often marvel about how my clients change emotionally in just a one day shoot. I realized I also change and my clients teach me and push me to new levels. Diane was pushing hard!

It takes at least thirty minutes for my ladies to loosen up and get comfortable in front of the camera. We started with Diane’s head shots because I knew I had to earn her trust. And I did. This woman went on to completely rock her session! I’m so glad to have met her (and I also have a new accountant) !

I’ll share some of her images below. But first, please take a moment to read Diane’s Testimonial Q & A she wrote especially me and Ashley! I think it’s hilarious that she wrote a take off of my Q&A on this site. And I’m pretty sure I snorted when laughed so hard on a couple of these.

My experience at Freedom Boudoir was far beyond my expectations. After having a few major fails at getting new headshots for my business, I knew that needed professional help (hair, makeup, wardrobe, and… everything). Since the “Full Day” package includes this, I decided to try it. As a result, I’d like to add a few FAQ’s of my own.

Q: What if I don’t ever wear makeup? What if my hair is wash and wear every day? I’m half tomboy/half train wreck. I don’t even wear shoes most days. Will these pictures look like me?
A: My pictures looked like I was wearing very little makeup, even though it took an hour and, yes, the eyelashes are fake. My hair had beautiful, soft waves and didn’t look teased at all. (It was.) So, why bother if you look natural in the pictures anyway? Because natural looks terrible in pictures.  It was well worth the time in the chair.

Q: What if I don’t want a bunch of pictures in my underwear? Do you take normal pictures?
A: First, there is no nudity in boudoir photography. I was also very comfortable when changing outfits and my privacy was a given.
Some of the pictures were less modest than I am comfortable sharing, but most of them were beautiful and sexy, yet discreet. There were very few pictures that I would want to hide from my teenage children. I know I was a challenging client because I’d rather look pretty with my clothes on, but I got exactly what I requested (including getting to be a superhero for a few minutes). I also got a few excellent headshots, which was my original goal.

Q: What if I am already empowered, confident, awesome, successful, and have plenty of self-esteem?
A: It was amazing to learn what other people saw: how a stylist / makeup artist made me look, how someone would match my clothes and dress me, how standing in what I felt was a grossly exaggerated pose looks completely relaxed and normal in pictures.  I also learned exactly how long I can stand up in 6 inch heels and that I can walk in them (enough to not break my ankle). You will learn something about yourself. Even if you are already awesome.

Q: Was it worth it?
A: Yes. Every penny. I finally have nice pictures for my business that aren’t ten years old. I met a makeup artist for any future appointments I have in front of a camera. Finally, I have a number of beautiful pictures that prove that this train wreck in a skirt and flip flops does clean up well and can look good on camera.  Miracles happen.






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