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Every Woman Deserves A Boudoir Shoot~ Northwest Arkansas Boudoir Photographer

Here at Freedom Boudoir we believe EVERY SINGLE WOMAN ON EARTH deserves to feel empowered, intimate and liberated. We believe you deserve to have a safe place to be yourself, celebrate your femininity and feel beautiful. We can’t always feel like this in our daily grinds. When you come to[…]

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We Have A Winner!~Arkansas Boudoir Photographer

We are so excited to announce the winner of July’s “Beautiful Boudoir” Contest!  We appreciate all the entries we received. One lucky lady is receiving a Full Day of Sexy in her own boudoir! The beautiful woman chosen for this honor is an example of the message we share: empowerment, intimacy[…]

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Freedom Boudoir & Empowerment

Afternoon everyone! Today I want to talk about empowerment. Ahhhh, such a meaningful word. Webster’s tells us it’s this: To promote the self-actualization or influence of. So, we know if we want to empower someone we have to assist in the realization of something (hopefully) positive.   Positivity is a[…]

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